Tealium announced the launch of Tealium for Pharma, a customer data platform tailored to accommodate the industry’s needs, Tuesday morning.

The platform includes built-in integrations with vendors like Veeva, Doceree and DMD and, according to Telium, increases access to insights regarding HCP and patient behavior. 

The platform arrives as companies across the industry continue to navigate the litany of challenges and opportunities by copious amounts of data.

Jay Calavas, head of vertical products at Tealium, said the pharma-specific platform offers tools that are based on feedback from industry clients as well as third-party agencies and partners. He views it as a “trusted adviser for the pharmaceutical industry,” noting that integration isn’t just a one-time event and requires ongoing support. 

“Through integration and partnership, we’re able to tie datasets together into one view of the actual customer journey,” Calavas said. “We want to do it all in real-time so you can engage with the right message at the right time in the right context.”

Calavas said Tealium plans to add other integrations with companies on both the advertising and patient sides of the industry, describing the rollout as a “rolling thunder” campaign.

“This is not just where we deliver something and it’s done,” he explained. “We delivered something that’s valuable that our customers can take advantage of right now, but then we’re going to continue to roll out these specialized use cases based on solving real world problems.”