Cancer patients now have access to the largest database of treatment options and information around the world.

The new digital platform, Driver, is launching today in the U.S. and China. Mother in Los Angeles served as lead strategic and creative agency on the effort, working in partnership with Turner Duckworth in New York, Colors and the Kids in Berlin, Sunshine and Sachs and Your Majesty in Amsterdam.

Driver, based in San Francisco and Shanghai, provides both patients and doctors with an app that allows them to access treatment options without having to leave their home.

Patients join Driver’s mobile app, which requests consent to acquire necessary information such as medical records, and then the platform uses that data to find the best match for the patient in terms of treatments. The app also allows patients to review treatment options over video with expert oncologists.

“In a world of Amazon, Airbnb, and other technology platforms that have revolutionized our ability to access products and services, consumers deserve the same power of these next generation marketplaces when they get cancer and need a treatment,” said Dr. William Polkinghorn, co-founder and CEO of Driver, in a statement. Polkinghorn is also a radiation oncologist who was formerly on the faculty of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Along with the brand launch, Mother created a 90-second spot, featuring the brand’s tagline, “The Cure for Cancer Treatment.”

“So much has been done around the world to cure different kinds of cancer. What Driver wants to do is help make this information and treatment available to everyone. The thing they were working on is fixing the system of treatment. We called this finding the cure for cancer treatment,” said Mother LA Partner and ECD Joe Staples in a statement.

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