Teva Pharmaceuticals launched a website Monday dubbed Honestly HD, which serves as an online resource for patients living with Huntington’s disease, a rare genetic disorder that causes progressive degeneration of nerve cells.

The new website goes hand-in-hand with a recent push by Teva to bolster its support of the disease’s patient community on social media, with Honestly HD providing educational resources on Twitter and Facebook.

Nina DeLucia, a director of consumer brand marketing at Teva, said the team pinpointed an unmet need for patient resources through social listening and market research. Specifically, patients needed help with chorea — a common and difficult symptom of Huntington’s disease that causes involuntary movements and affects some 90% of patients.

“Chorea becomes progressive [in Huntington’s disease] and can limit folks’ ability to live their everyday lives,” DeLucia said. “Our goal was to be able to provide content and resources around understanding chorea. This helps patients plan to speak to their doctor about what they can do to preserve their independence with regards to chorea.”

The website will also feature stories of patients and families dealing with Huntington’s disease and chorea.

“It’s a community where folks [and caregivers] are able to share inspiration and get tips from one another,” DeLucia said. “We also found that Twitter was a place where a lot of folks were going to better understand the disease and talk about disease awareness because it is a rare disease. We’re hoping to help people to not feel alone and isolated.”

Teva, which developed the treatment Austedo for chorea in Huntington’s disease and tardive dyskinesia, had previously started an Honestly HD Facebook page that has now grown to some 14,000 members, according to DeLucia.

Austedo is one of the better performing products in Teva’s suite of offerings, according to its most recent quarterly earnings report. In Q2, Austedo revenues increased 17% year-over-year, totaling $204 million.

Though Teva lowered its revenue guidance for the rest of 2022, the pharma company raised the revenue outlook for Austedo.