Eversana has rolled out its upgraded pricing and access platform Navlin. The platform unites a trio of services: Navlin Price and Access Data, formerly known as Pricentric One, a database of price and market access intelligence; Navlin Price and Access Software, formerly PriceRight, an enterprise software solution that offers reference pricing and predictive pricing models; and Navlin Insights, formerly Health Strategies Insights, a market research tool.

“For more than 30 years, the industry was forced to navigate siloed, disparate price and insight platforms with little to no efficiency. It was a problem desperately in need of next generation thinking,” said Eversana CEO Jim Lang in a statement. “We’ve created an unmatched, easy-to-navigate view of the global price and market access ecosystem. Our clients now have the insights, data and software they need to navigate product performance from pre-launch through loss of exclusivity in over 100 global markets.”