Fingerpaint Group has rolled out Elevalt, a tool designed to streamline and optimize omnichannel marketing processes. 

Elevalt is designed for use across multiple audiences and at all points of the commercialization process.

“Elevalt’s 4Ps proprietary algorithms — profiling, prediction, progression and perception — work in tandem to evaluate and continuously optimize the performance of assets against precisely defined target audiences,” Fingerpaint Group chief analytics officer Rommel Fernandez said in a statement. “It is the closest you can come to replicating personal outreach in a digital world.”

Elevalt was created and calibrated over the course of the last six years, according to Fingerpaint Group VP of omnichannel Nick Bartolomeo

“We’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, giving us the benchmarks to assess the impact of a campaign and optimize accordingly,” he said in the statement. “For the first time, there is a way for marketers to measure that what they deploy really works.”