Populus Media recently announced that it has rebranded its SaaS platform and launched new modular offerings for its clients. 

Custom Connect, its patient acquisition platform, will now be known as Custom Care, the company announced at its Populuspalooza event last week. The rebranding effort seeks to more accurately reflect the offerings available through Custom Care, one of Populus’ flagship services, according to Tracey Yaw, marketing manager at Populus. 

The company also announced the launch of AfterCare and VoiceToCare, two upgrades to Custom Care.  

AfterCare educates patients to stay with therapy longer and boosts the long term value of prescription refills through ongoing educational information provided by HCPs. Meanwhile, VoiceToCare connects patients to their physicians by speaking into voice-enabled technology like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home devices, or Apple’s Siri. 

Yaw said the moves were appropriate for Populus as the company seeks to promote the ‘care’ moniker going forward.

“It made a lot of sense to unify under a similar branding, which is why we changed to Custom Care,” she said.

Yaw added that these offerings assist not only patients with their care delivery and prescription adherence but also provide a suite of solutions that medical marketers can use to support the brands they work with.

At the start of 2023, Populus is slated to roll out two additional offerings as part of a ‘care package’ for the new year.