There are lots of ways to write the kind of story that ends up on a list like this. You could take a deep dive sharing exclusive projections for industry marketing spend. You can seriously examine the aggressive pricing for oncology drugs in the US. Or you can pen a commentary about Angelina Jolie’s views on holistic treatment.

MM&M’s year-end list also captures approval and pipeline analysis (Eliquis, Sovaldi, Lemtrada), insights into what doctors need—as opposed to what pharma thinks they want—and a look at medical advertising’s best DTC ads ever. Here are the 10 that sparked heaviest reader interest in 2013:

1. Angelina Jolie’s flawed message

2. Healthcare Marketers Trend Report: The Big Shift

3. Will Kadcyla suffer the same fate as Zaltrap?

4. Year-end approval clears Eliquis for launch

5. Docs to pharma marketers: you’re not getting it

6. Merck buys controlling stake in Physicians Interactive

7. Lemtrada’s future in doubt after reviewers flag safety issues

8. MM&M’s Best DTC Ads Ever

9. Is the current agency model a joke?

10. The Pipeline Report 2014: Class Seekers