The Together Rx Access advertising campaign will launch April 25 with the tagline, “Take care of your health.”
The program, designed to help low-income individuals and families receive Rx drug coverage, will run a “pulsed” promotional campaign, said executive director Roba Whiteley, beginning with ads on 12 cable networks and phasing in radio in 34 markets, with a focus on areas with high concentrations of the uninsured, African Americans and Hispanics.
Viewers will be directed to the Web site,, or a 24-hour call center through a toll-free number. A freestanding insert, including an enrollment form, will appear in Sunday newspapers.
Together Rx has piloted regional media events in Los Angeles and Miami, and is honing its grassroots campaign in Texas, where outreach efforts have targeted convenience stores and Head Start programs as well as pharmacies and physicians’ offices.