A new video-based educational series will aim to tailor content to both patients and physicians, the firms behind the effort say. The collaborative programs will be produced and distributed by online health network Wego Health and by The Doctor’s Channel, which produces one- to two-minute streaming videos as well as CME.

The first programs focus on oncology and have drawn funding from an undisclosed pharma sponsor.

“We know patients are using the HCP information on company websites every day; why not acknowledge the new patient partnership?” said Wego Health CEO Jack Barrette.

His firm’s network is comprised of patients viewed by their disease communities as passionate leaders who share their opinions on the web. The new program builds on the insight that these patients, said Barrette, “prefer more sophisticated content thanks to self-education, and doctors are often challenged by their clinical knowledge.”

Added Dr. Mike Banks, co-founder, The Doctor’s Channel, “We see the patient demand for physician-level content on our own video site; while it’s built for HCPs, our analytics tell us 10-15% of our viewers are patients. And we think that’s great. A more informed patient base should translate into better outcomes.”

The Doctor’s Channel will match GPs or specialists from its online physician community to the program. Many of these doctors are  “openly seeking a more collaborative relationship with patients,” noted a statement.

The oncology program will seek to explain the disease’s complex progression milestones and screening. Several other educational programs are in the works, the two firms say, and the partners will seek backing from hospitals as well as pharma companies. Programs will be distributed and promoted through special areas of both companies’ sites.

“We’re excited about collaborative patient-physician education,” said Barrette, “and we see opportunities to help physicians embrace the empowered patient on the care team.”