Model, TV host, cookbook author and Twitter extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen has been vocal about her struggle with postpartum depression after her two children were born.

In a new campaign with Allegheny Health Network, Teigen talks with others who struggled with postpartum depression for a series of videos. The women featured are patients who came to Allegheny for treatment.

The women have heartfelt, honest conversations about their experiences. In one video, Teigen talks about keeping clothes in her pantry and sleeping on the couch after not being able to muster the energy to go upstairs and change before bed.

The condition, often dismissed as the “baby blues,” affects more than a half-million women each year. Allegheny Health Network wants to educate women about the signs of postpartum depression. The campaign also includes a website where they can learn about the condition and about the hospital network’s recently opened center for perinatal, meaning the weeks immediately before and after birth, mental health.

Teigen is also taking the campaign to her vast social following. She has millions of followers on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts and is asking them to share a photo “that captures what it felt like having a new baby, and … what you wish you knew when you were going through it,” she wrote in her post.

The campaign’s ultimate goal is to create a community of women who talk honestly about postpartum depression and support others struggling with it. It’s also debuting during Maternal Mental Health Month in May.

Allegheny Health consists of a network of eight hospitals, a research center and home and community health services in Western Pennsylvania.