The agency world is changing quickly. New technologies, challenging expectations from clients, and different generations in the workplace are all factors on the minds of agency executives.

Leaders from Razorfish Health, Concentric Health Experience, Impactiv BioConsult, and Haymarket Medical Education discussed their strategies to stay “nimble” at MM&M’s Evolution of the Agency Universe event on Wednesday. Check out some of their insights.

David Paragamian, managing director, Razorfish Health

If there is only one word anyone remembers from this panel I would propose it’s this: reinvention. Our business models and agencies are in constant need of it. One part is helping the clients, particularly those in procurement, to understand, have some confidence, and trust in new agency models.  

One of the things that we’re particularly sensitive to is the purposeful bit of training and education of our people. We closed our entire agency for a day to bring in staff from other offices and have an education day. It’s incumbent on us to give them some new tools to adapt to some of the changes.

Ken Begasse, founder and CEO, Concentric Health Experience

Agility is saying we’re always in a state of permanent beta, that change is a constant state, and we need to embrace it. Clients look for their partners to be both experts and have breadth of expertise and be able to invest in things that are cutting edge.

To be nimble doesn’t mean you have to have it all in your four walls. What you need is accessibility and knowledge of what you do need to provide for clients, and then you have to provide it.

Andrea Bartzen, founder and chief commercial officer, Impactiv BioConsult

I choose to work with very innovative companies because you really have the chance to drive innovation with them. We’re forced to change the model based on innovation, not the other way around.

Having a vision is so important to design for the future. The further out we go, the more we’re able to drive to that future. We’re all going to have to be ready for change, and the more we envision it, the better leaders and partners we are.

Mary Manna Anderson, group president of medical education, Haymarket Media

Over the last three to five years, we’ve gone as an industry form providing information to providing education. We’re all in a situation where the art of the reinvention is to become more athletic and being comfortable being uncomfortable. If DTC shifts, we’re going to be talking to patients in different ways. We need to be able to take what we understand about educating and be able to understand patients in a deeper way and different way.

Everyone has focused on becoming digital, but once you become digital, you have to look at the data and become creative. How do you take data and distill that in a way that can be communicated clearly?