John Wiley & Sons is giving its American Journal of Hematology a fresh look, along with a nod to the open access publishing movement, in hopes of winning over younger authors.

The redesign, the first for the 30-year-old journal, coincides with the arrival of new editor-in-chief Carlo Brugnara, MD, who takes over from the title’s founder, Dr. Ananda Prasad. The monthly’s new look is intended to signal further changes to come. The old cover, said Wiley VP publishing director for medicine Shawn Morton, “could not have been much less appealing or timely. It was practically wearing bell bottoms.”

The new features will be phased in over 18 months, said Morton. Meanwhile, online archives are available dating back to 1996. “Issues of openness and access pervade scientific, medical and technical publishing these days,” says Morton.

The magazine’s online strategy includes aggressively posting material as it becomes available. It’s part of a bid to woo younger authors impatient with the slow-moving world of print media. “So we can say to authors, ‘Publish with us, and your content will be online, toot sweet. Younger people who place a premium on that may want to come to us.”

While the title does not currently have any affiliations with medical societies, Wiley is exploring content partnerships with several. “Maybe some of those relationships will evolve if we do it right,” says Morton.