Susan Lodise

SVP, group account director, Publicis North America

What would you do if you didn’t work in healthcare?

I would be an attorney. Helping others achieve a desired result is what drives me.
Talk about the last time you experienced a fist-pumping victory moment.

Achieving 7:1 ROI on my latest consumer campaign.
When was the last time you endured an “agony of defeat” moment? What did you learn from it?

As our clients look to optimize their infrastructure and how they work with their agencies, we must remember and acknowledge the transformation happening within our industry and must also transform ourselves.
How long ago was the last time you recharged your batteries? 

Two months ago on a Mexican beach getaway.
What do you find frustrating about working in healthcare marketing?

There’s still a stigma of guardrails and barriers versus opportunity.
To ensure pay parity and career advancement for women, I will…

Continue to encourage and mentor bold, out of the box, big-picture thinking. Isn’t it time we shoot for the moon?
What are your words to live by?

To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst.
What is one thing you would tell young women starting their careers in healthcare marketing?

Quickly become versed in social media within healthcare. As much as it’s influenced our relationships and purchase decisions, social media is also influencing our healthcare decisions.
Favorite drink?