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Date: Tuesday, March 31
Time: 2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how mobile apps are changing the healthcare journey for patients and visitors from all walks of life. More than 73% of US adults own a smartphone, however, implementing mobile at your medical facility can provide different benefits for different demographics.

As patient experience becomes increasingly important, many hospital patients and visitors have come to expect the same easy access to information they have as consumers. From translating wayfinding assets like maps and signs into foreign languages to sending prescription reminders, mobile has the ability to touch every aspect of the patient journey.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • The future of mobile health and its impact on the patient journey
  • Use cases from US hospitals
  • How seniors and their caregivers are adopting mobile
  • How mobile can be integrated into your overall facility wayfinding strategy
  • Which demographics are most likely to miss appointments and how mobile can help
  • Strategies for getting patients and visitors to use your app


Marie Garrison, Product Marketing Manager, Phunware 

Marie Garrison is Phunware’s Product Marketing Manager in charge of all things Healthcare. Prior to joining Phunware, she worked on mobile and product initiatives for client including Fortune 500 banks and retailers. Marie brings a strong customer focus to her work and has helped numerous companies map and improve their Customer Decision Journey.

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