Thanks to COVID-19, I wasn’t able to swim from March 12 until June 20 because pools in New Jersey were closed. I typically do two or three open water swim races each summer, and that’s not going to happen, either.

Instead, I signed up for a virtual swim event that challenges participants to swim at least one kilometer on 20 or more occasions in the month of July. But it’s pretty hard going from zero meters to 1000 overnight.

So I used an old trick: broken kilometers. I get in the pool with a goal in mind—in this case, 1,000 meters. And instead of trying to grind out the distance non-stop, I pause every time I reach the end of the pool, or every 25 meters, and count to five.

That quick pause gives me just enough rest to keep the monkey off my back, and helps me get enough distance in so I can keep training. I use it with swimming, but runners can do the same thing by running the straightaways on a 400-meter track and walking the turns. You won’t win any prizes, but you’ll get a great workout and be able to keep moving.  

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