Area 23 and startup Wavio won the Cannes Innovation Lions Grand Prix for a product that combines data, machine learning and mobile technology to help deaf people identify sounds in their home.

The product, See Sound, was created by artificial intelligence startup Wavio and Area 23. It is a device that plugs into the wall and can hear and identify sounds, then sends an alert to a person’s phone. The product hasn’t hit the market yet, but it is close to launching worldwide, according to the entry.

See Sound was trained to identify 75 common household sounds, like yelling, sirens or glass shattering. Wavio created a sound database from millions of YouTube clips to teach the algorithm to identify those sounds. The wall device connects to the user’s phone via Wi-Fi and sends notifications when there’s a noise.

The company said See Sound is the first in-home device to recognize noises. Other products that deaf people buy to monitor noise rely on flashing lights to alert them if there’s a smoke detector going off or a ringing phone, but those are limited to one sound.

Wavio is petitioning to categorize the product as an accessible technology under the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the entry, and it plans to price it at about the same cost as a smart speaker.

The device was submitted in the early-stage technology category of the Innovation Lions. Wavio worked with Area 23 to develop the app, hardware, campaign, branding and more. See Sound also won Gold and Silver Mobile Lions, a bronze in Creative Data and was shortlisted in the Digital Craft.