So you’re going to Cannes. The days are long, the parties are late and sometimes the rosé is less than perfectly chilled. In that knowing spirit, we present our first Cannes Survival Kit, eight indispensable items to ensure you make the most of la belle vie.

1. Sunscreen

Cannes’ sun is legendarily strong, and even the quick stroll from your hotel to the Palais can expose you to harmful rays. We like CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen. It’s mineral-based, oil-free and contains moisturizers that help restore the skin’s natural barrier and keep moisture in.

2. Adapter/cords

Be sure to have a continental Europe adapter, maybe two. And be sure to bring an extra phone-charging cord, because you know you’ll lose one.

3. High-end credit card

There’s no limit on your creativity, as that award you and your team just picked up shows. So why should there be a limit on your credit? Celebrate in style.

4. Sunglasses

We’re glad to see Vuarnet back on the market in the U.S. after a long hiatus. We popped down to the Spring Street store in New York City for a pair of these retro-cool Legends.

5. High heels

There are events at Cannes that demand high fashion, which starts — and some would say ends — with shoes. You can’t go wrong with Christian Louboutin, and these So Kate patent leather pumps are classically elegant.

6. Flip-flops

Of course, stand in pumps like that too long and you’ll be crippled. We suggest you carry these comfy and still stylish Armani Exchange flip-flops for when things start to wind down — or heat up — and you head for the beach.  

7. Water

We like Vittel, the Poland Spring of France. Ubiquitous, neutral and oh-so-cold. You will need it. And remember: prehydration wards off a variety of ills.

8. Analgesic/NSAID of your choice

We are brand- and type-agnostic here. But be sure you leave some next to the coffee maker in your room and carry the rest with you.

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