PHD Worldwide invited Jason Silva, a filmmaker, futurist and techno-philosopher, to give the delegates a sense of the vast possibilities that are ahead in healthcare. Silva showed several of his films, focusing on how the technology and data revolution are ultimately turning human biology into the most promising app of all.

Silva is perhaps the best example of that perfect Cannes session—the one that gets you all het up and excited for the future, and then sends you off into the world to figure out what it means. Much of what he described is not here yet, not by a long shot. But the notion that all of the technological innovation that is being deployed for our external pleasure and needs may one day be fully realized in making the “human 2.0” a reality.

Silva is probably best left to his own words. Here are a two choice quotes from the session:

“What are we going to make when the software of life is our new playground.”

“Technology is how we impregnate the world with mindfulness”