Andrew Schirmer is CEO of Ogilvy CommonHealth, North America.

Last year, everyone talked about artificial intelligence and big data. What do you expect to be the talk of Cannes this year?
As these topics remain at the top of many macro-level business and societal discussions, this trend will most likely continue at this year’s festival, but I am also hoping to see some examples of actual cases where these tools are being used to drive new ways of communicating with HCPs, patients, and others.
What is your opinion on the rule changes made for submissions this year?
The changes should have a positive effect overall, as there is now a clear area for nonprofit work under health and wellness. It’s apparent there has been an effort made by the organizers to avoid the unfair advantage any work unencumbered by fair balance seems to have received over the years.
Will we still see the best work at Cannes given the absence of Publicis’ agencies?
Hard to say. As Publicis is one of the “Big 5” holding companies, it would seem that not having them participate will mean some award-worthy work is going to be left out of the show.
What is your opinion on the change in scheduling from the weekend to Monday and Tuesday for this year’s festival?
This seems to be a positive shift, as the way it was previously structured, the Lions Health portion of Cannes always felt as if it was more of a warmup to the main event instead of an important part of the Cannes experience. I believe this new scheduling will create a more inclusive, well-rounded show for all.
What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone attending Cannes for the first time?
Plan your session attendance ahead of time. Set up quick chats with folks you will see there in advance, as well. Look out at the water — a lot. Walk the yacht docks for a truly surreal experience. Soak it all up and take notes.
Gutter Bar, the Carlton Terrace, or the Majestic? Gutter Bar for one night only, Majestic if celebrating a victory, and Carlton pretty much any time you have a big enough crew to sit together.