Cherie Davies is creative director of Sudler Australia. She is also a Health and Wellness judge at Cannes this year.

 Last year, everyone talked about artificial intelligence and big data. What do you expect to be the talk of Cannes this year?

I feel these will still be hot topics, but think brands will be finding new ways to make these work even harder for them plus be even more relevant and targeted to their audience. After Immunity Bracelet was so successful last year, I also expect to see more simple or culturally relevant ideas that will create real change.
Will we still see the best work at Cannes given the absence of Publicis’ agencies?
I think given the explosive growth and interest in the health and wellness space, including new players, we will continue to see the industry’s best, most effective work.
How do you feel about the rule changes made for submissions this year?
It will be good to see a reduction in the overlap between different Lions. Of course, a great idea deserves to be recognized but I do feel campaigns being limited to a number of entries is a good move, too.
What is your opinion on the change in scheduling from the weekend to Monday and Tuesday for this year’s festival?
The weekend felt a little tacked on in the past, so I think it’s great to integrate the weekend into the main festival week.
This year, you are a judge. I’ve heard rumors the judges are sequestered in the basement of the Palais. How are you preparing for the days upon days of judging?
The online judging has definitely helped me prepare plus get really excited as I’ve seen some amazing work and I can’t wait to hear what the other judges’ favorite pieces are. I’ve spoken with colleagues who have judged in the past and they say you don’t see the light of day much but they all have also said it’s extremely rewarding so I’m soaking it all up and really can’t wait to get there. 
Does the WPP Health & Wellness team have any Cannes traditions?
Since we formally launched just last year, we don’t have a formal tradition just yet. We do however, make a point to celebrate and learn from Cannes submitted work (our own and others) that’s making a tangible impact in the world.
What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone attending Cannes for the first time?
I think what everyone would say – pace yourself! Make sure you get a good balance of fun and inspiration.
Gutter Bar, the Carlton Terrace, or the Majestic?
Gutter Bar for me, after lining my stomach with a long dinner!