Atlantis Health is set to unveil its AI-powered “digital human” offering, which functions as a behavior change tool for patients with atrial fibrillation.

The new product engages with patients over the course of their care journeys, offering an empathetic ear and promoting healthy behaviors via the digital human coach avatar, named Adele. Given that some patients are embarrassed to pose questions directly to their HCPs, the digital coach could restore a level of comfort.

The digital human could potentially help HCPs as well. Supported by information backed by staff behavioral scientists and health psychologists, the digital coach segments patient populations and delivers relevant content. 

“The added layer of support offered through the digital behavior change coach allows for more effective allocation of human resources by prioritizing patients at higher risk and connecting them with real human support when needed,” Atlantis CEO Jonny Duder said in a statement.

The digital human might also be used to help sales representatives gain familiarity with new medications. Look for Atlantis to supplement it in the months and years ahead with components that further enhance personalization.