April 2018 Issue of MMM

April 2018 Issue of MMM

Go Figure

Infographic | AI's impact on patients and caregivers

Caregivers and patients predict how the use of AI will affect them.

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HealthSpark 2018 unites disruptors at SXSW

AI, wearables, and VR still reign supreme in the healthcare realm, and other things you missed

Editor's Desk

Will the real patient advocate please stand up?

Industry opponents say the end is nigh for pharma's ability to deduct expenses for consumer drug advertising, but those who've found their calling in healthcare ...

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High-profile candidates challenge marketers well in advance of launch

With pharma facing ongoing scrutiny of its pricing practices, medical marketers are increasingly asked to demonstrate the superior value of new therapies. High-profile candidates in ...

Pro ad report 2017: Ad revenue plunged for print-first publishers

The 2017 numbers aren't kind to print-first publishers. Is this a blip in print's fortunes or the start of a long-predicted decline?


Dr. Reddy's Laboratories CEO of developed markets Alok Sonig makes Wall Street listen

Alok Sonig, chief executive officer of developed markets at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, articulates the benefits of generics.

Partner Forum

Marketers discuss catalysts for use of behavioral science techniques

Marketers discuss the biggest catalysts for use of behavioral science techniques in marketing.

DTC Report

DTC Report 2018: Will more supersized campaigns follow Opdivo's and Keytruda's massive strikes?

Following massive strikes by Opdivo and Keytruda, will more supersized campaigns follow?

DTC ads 2017: The good, the bad, and the ugly

We considered pharma and healthcare ads that, per iSpotTV, started airing no earlier than January 2017.

Private View

6 campaigns visualizing pain in sophisticated, provocative ways

Angelina Sciolla, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide VP and associate creative director, believes we've found more sophisticated ways to visualize illness and injury.

At Work With

CDM New York's Chris Palmer on 5 a.m. wake-ups, Reddit, and what he's reading

Chris Palmer, president of CDM New York, shares his wake-up routine, what he's reading and his dream of owning a record store if he wasn't ...

Back Talk

Will PBMs take heat for high drug prices?

PBMs began by providing a huge service to payers, but in recent years, they've begun to suck revenue from pharma manufacturers. Will they take some ...