January 2018 Issue of MMM

January 2018 Issue of MMM

Go Figure

Infographic | Docs, payers need pharma to step up

For all the talk about new and better ways to engage, pharma still hasn't created an appreciably higher volume of satisfied — or informed — ...

Editor's Desk

CVS/Aetna Combo a Formidable Pharma Rival When it Comes to Access

The combined company wields greater power to disrupt brand profits.

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CPG companies Nestlé and Kellogg court OTC

A sea change may be afoot in OTC, with multiple healthcare businesses in play. Could consumer goods companies fill the void left by big pharma?

No Google, no problem: Pharma partners with China's tech giants

In the absence of behemoths such as Facebook and Twitter, pharma is partnering with China's tech giants to snare a slice of a more than ...

Should pharma fear ICER?

The group's reports, received with great interest by insurers and the Department of Veteran Affairs, have concluded certain high-profile drugs aren't worth the cost. Pharma ...

New tactics change clinical trial awareness game

Recruitment for clinical trials has never been easy. New tools and tactics could change that — assuming the sheer volume of information doesn't overwhelm trial ...

Back to the Future: Print media thrives in point of care

Not only isn't print dead, as ahead-of-themselves media wonks have claimed for the past decade, but it's thriving in a most unlikely environment: the point ...

The buyer's guide to pharma, healthcare, and life sciences consultancies

Do the healthcare and pharma arms of Accenture, Deloitte, PwC, and other consultancies pose an existential threat to traditional healthcare agencies?


Flexion's pivot proves pain-free

Clayman says the company's next 18 months are all about Zilretta, with further pipeline construction next up.

Upward Move

GCI Health puts Edie DeVine in charge of medical, health tech

DeVine will oversee the agency's health IT and medical device work.

GCI Health confirms Jones and Kerry as joint MDs of London operation

GCI Health has confirmed new hire Kath Kerry and maternity leave returner Rikki Jones as co-MDs of its London operation, the network's second hub alongside ...

Ironwood strengthens leadership with two new hires

The drugmaker named William Huyett as COO and Gina Consylman as SVP and CFO.

In Focus

Lions Health to remain segregated after Cannes revamp

Lions Health still stands as a separate two-day event, despite a sweeping revamp of the Cannes Lions festival, disappointing some who decried its lack of ...

Partner Forum

4 Ways to Demonstrate ROI in Non-Personal Promotion

How should marketers demonstrate the value of non-personal promotion?

Beltway Insider

Taxpayers Need to Cough up the Cash to Keep Federal Agencies Afloat

As we continue to debate the proper size and role of government in society, cast your eyes on recent polls by Gallup and Pew that ...


6 Storytelling Rules for Better Patient Communication

A study by Cohn & Wolfe cited that 63% of consumers would choose a company they believe to be authentic over its competitors.

Machine Learning Can Decipher Data

As researchers and analysts, we interact with a wide array of market research pros in the health and wellness space.

Private View

6 Corporate Pharma Sites that Offer Strong User Experiences

It's the experiences we bring to life, rather than the things we create, that build value, gain trust, and earn loyalty.

At Work With

How working with Apple inspired Jeff Tangney to found Doximity

The CEO's experience launching medical reference app Epocrates led him to found a social network for physicians.

Back Talk

We Save Lives While Our Critics Complain

In his first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump insisted pharma was "getting away with murder" due to expensive drug prices.