July 2018 Issue of MMM

July 2018 Issue of MMM

Top 100 Agencies

2e Creative | 2018

2e CEO Ross Toohey and his team are intent on shaping the 2e model from the inside out.

AbelsonTaylor | 2018

AbelsonTaylor picked up 16 brands and saw growth from existing clients in 2017.

ApotheCom | 2018

Preaching the high-science gospel proved a smart decision for ApotheCom, with oncology and specialized-medicine clients now comprising more than half of its overall business mix.

Area 23 | 2018

Seven years ago, Area 23 was a 70-person operation. At the end of 2017, the agency counted 375 people under its roofs.

Ashfield Healthcare Communications | 2018

By the end of 2017, Ashfield Healthcare Communications had pocketed two of the agency world's most coveted acquisition targets, rare-disease aces aces Cambridge BioMarketing and ...

Beacon Healthcare Communications | 2018

Beacon Healthcare picked up new work from biotechs in 2017, but it also experienced the headaches that come with companies whose value often rises or ...

Benchworks | 2018

Benchworks finished the year strong, adding five AOR engagements in December

Biolumina | 2018

The continued surge of the oncology space almost certainly contributed to Biolumina's own double-digit growth in 2017

Butler/Till Health Group | 2018

The story of Butler/Till Health Group's 2017: Growth from organizations and teams with which it already worked and new engagements with the ones referred its ...

Cadient | 2018

Cadient's work is now about managing marketing ecosystems and delivering transformative experiences.

Calcium | 2018

Calcium thrived in 2017 generating $22.5 million in revenue, a 50% increase over its year-ago take of $15 million.

Cambridge BioMarketing | 2018

Cambridge BioMarketing was back on track in 2017, zeroing in on what the agency does best: rare disease.

CDM | 2018

In particular, rare-disease work seems to stir the creative juices at CDM.

Closerlook | 2018

Closerlook set about reengineering its internal processes to reflect changes in agency responsibilities. eliminating its traditional silos and replacing them with cross-functional groups.

CMI/Compas | 2018

CMI/Compas' strong partnerships with pharma A-listers drove growth in 2017

Concentric Health Experience | 2018

Concentric CEO and founder Ken Begasse attributes growth to the sentiment encapsulated by the agency motto: "You make the medicine. We make it matter."

Continuum Clinical | 2018

The typical Continuum client sits in a different place within the pharma organization: The agency works with R&D and clinical types, as opposed to commercial ...

Create NYC | 2018

Create NYC supported ten pharma companies and more than 65 brands in 2017.

DDB Health | 2018

DDB Health focused on shaping its disparate offices and teams into a cohesive whole.

DevicePharm | 2018

DevicePharm focused on growing its newest office and pacing itself to ensure a smooth integration.

DiD | 2018

DiD was clearly thinking long-term during 2017 when it restructured its executive hierarchy

Digitas Health | 2018

In 2017, there were significant shifts in the way Digitas Health served its clients.

Dudnyk | 2018

Dudnyk has spurred both top and bottom line growth over the past year

Elevate Healthcare | 2018

With executive talent in place and a burgeoning client list, Elevate is looking ahead to continued top-line growth

Entrée Health | 2018

Executives at Entrée Health ask employees to keep two things in mind: That inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources and that every single ...

Evoke Group | 2018

When Evoke Group celebrates its 12th anniversary this December, the agency will simultaneously celebrate another milestone: year-on-year growth of at least 20% for over a ...

Evolution Medical Communications | 2018

As Evolution Medical Communications has evolved over the past 13 years from a true boutique into a 100-strong shop capable of competing with anybody, it ...

FCBCure | 2018

With an expanding roster and a wellness focus that is resonating with clients, FCBCure appears to be on the cusp of a breakout.

FCB Health | 2018

It's the work-related achievements that fuel FCB Health's reputation with current and would-be employees.

Fingerpaint | 2018

Fingerpaint continues to focus on building marketing campaigns that make it easy for patients to digest information.

Flywheel | 2018

According to Flywheel's executive team, the company enters every year with the same goal: To grow responsibly.

ghg (Grey Healthcare Group) | 2018

Grey Healthcare Group shuffled its upper ranks and spread an entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit throughout the organization.

Giant | 2018

Giant made key hires in 2017 as the agency made structural changes in order to formalize strategic divisions.

Greater Than One | 2018

Greater Than One enjoyed one of its best years in company history in 2017, with revenue surging 40%

GSW | 2018

GSW spent much of 2017 dealing with the pressure of not one but two mergers.

Guidemark Health | 2018

After a chaotic end to 2016 that saw an aborted merger and the departure of CEO Matt Brown, Guidemark Health spent the entirety of 2017 ...

H4B Boston | 2018

H4B Boston is thought to be the first network agency to have planted roots in the Boston area several years ago.

H4B Catapult | 2018

H4B Catapult spent 2017 taking a look within and unveiled a new vision.

H4B Chelsea | 2018

As part of the Havas Health & You network, H4B Chelsea is now under the Vivendi umbrella owing to the global giant's recent acquisition of ...

Harrison and Star | 2018

2017 was a year of change at Harrison and Star.

Havas Health Plus | 2018

Havas Health & You combined two of its flagship brands, Havas Lynx and Havas Life New York, to form a new agency dubbed Havas Health ...

Havas Life Metro | 2018

In its client work, Havas Life Metro's use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence continues to rise.

HCB Health | 2018

Revenues and staff size both nudged upward in 2017 for HCB Health.

Healthcare Success | 2018

The bulk of Healthcare Success' clients are hospitals and practices, rather than pharma companies.

HealthWork | 2018

HealthWork enjoyed roster growth and laid the groundwork for an international push.

Heartbeat | 2018

Leadership was handed over to now co-managing directors Nadine Leonard and James Talerico in 2017.

Huntsworth Health | 2018

In 2017, Huntsworth Health reorganized itself in a way that meets client demand.

HYC Health | 2018

HYC Health saw the fruits of its early labor realized during 2017.

Icon U.S. Market Access & Reimbursement | 2018

Under its new structure, ICON US Market Access & Reimbursement comes in and builds a value proposition for payers and handles early market research.

Imre Health | 2018

After several years operating as a business unit within the larger Imre organization, Imre Health formally became a separate offering in 2017.

Intouch Solutions | 2018

2017 was one of the more successful years in Intouch Solutions' nearly two-decade lifespan.

Invivo Communications | 2018

As Invivo prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary, Invivo has spent time pondering the "who we are" stuff.

Juice Pharma Worldwide | 2018

Juice Pharma Worldwide describes its 2017 as a transformational year, but one that ultimately laid the groundwork for a more robust 2018.

Klick Health | 2018

Over the course of its 21 years, Klick Health has altered the perception of what a health-marketer can do, to the extent that almost anything ...

Lanmark360 | 2018

Lanmark360 celebrated its 40th birthday in 2017, which prompted the company to look back and look forward.

LevLane | 2018

2017 saw LevLane commence an ambitious expansion strategy.

Maricich Health | 2018

Recent uncertainty around health insurance coverage didn't significantly affect the fortunes of Maricich Health, whose client roster is largely populated by insurers.

McCann Health North America | 2018

McCann Health North America's president Amar Urhekar believes the agency's 2016 restructuring came to full fruition in 2017, in the form of what he reports ...

MedThink Communications | 2018

MedThink Communications spent 2017 finding more like-minded parties with which to partner.

MEI | 2018

After a decade of steady expansion, MEI decided to spend some time in 2017 sprucing up its web presence and running itself through brand-refresh exercises.

Merkle Health | 2018

To say that Merkle Health has endured its share of change during the second half of this decade understates the case considerably.

MicroMass Communications | 2018

2017 may have been the year that the agency world finally got wise to the charms of behavioral science, but MicroMass Communications didn't buy into ...

Natrel | 2018

Last year, the Natrel underwent what general manager Nicole Hyland calls a "soft relaunch" around bilateral branding, a new strategy that pairs data and analytics ...

Navicor Group | 2018

M&A activity across Navicor's client base will continue at breakneck speed as more and more companies seek to get into the oncology market or strengthen ...

Neon | 2018

Neon reports a 60% pitch-win rate during 2017 and that it added five pieces of business from existing clients, among them generics giant Sandoz.

Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide | 2018

Ogivly CommonHealth Worldwide has reorganized its operating structure, breaking down silos in order to serve clients more effectively.

Pacific Communications | 2018

Pacific Communications began rolling out a new program it calls BAI, which stands for brave, authentic and inspiring, to help create ads with more impact.

Partners + Napier | 2018

Partners + Napier's work in healthcare, especially on behalf of longtime clients Bausch & Lomb and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, has earned it a reputation for ...

Patient Experience Project | 2018

The Patient Experience Project approach resonated with potential clients during 2017, with new business representing 84% of its growth, the agency reports.

Patients & Purpose | 2018

After operating for 17 years as CDMiConnect, Deb Deaver rebranded her agency as Patients & Purpose to reflect the company's renewed commitment to patient-centricity.

Pixacore | 2018

Pixacore's managing director/president Dhaval Parikh believes the industry will need to make data more actionable and take a holistic, meaningful patient-centric approach to marketing.

Precision Value & Health | 2018

Since Precision Value and Health's formation in 2012, the company has snapped up everything from traditional health advertising firms to sophisticated health-economics groups.

Precisioneffect | 2018

Precisioneffect expanded globally this year with the acquisition of Big Pink, a multichannel healthcare agency based in the U.K.

PRI Healthcare Solutions | 2018

PRI has a new hybrid agency model and novel healthcare provider engagement strategy, known internally as the four Cs: content, creative, channels, and clinicians.

Publicis Health Media | 2018

Data interpretation - and specifically how it allows the agency to micro-target patients for therapies - emerged as an essential Publicis Health Media skill during ...

Purohit Navigation | 2018

Purohit Navigation has found that working with smaller clients requires a more hands-on approach.

Rapp Worldwide | 2018

Rapp Worldwide continues to work with a range of pharma and healthcare A-listers, including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Gilead Sciences, and 23andme.

Razorfish Health | 2018

Razorfish Health's managing director David Paragamian believes the only agencies that will be able to report growth next year will be those that build new ...

Relevate Health Group | 2018

2016 was a pseudo-startup year, as Relevate Health Group consolidated resources and approaches. In 2017, that infrastructure work started to pay off.

RevHealth | 2018

Armed with the new digs and managers, RevHealth grew by double digits in 2017, with revenue rising.

Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness | 2018

Over the past year, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness saw growth from existing clients like Ipsen and Amgen, and claimed Alcon's vision-care portfolio in a competitive ...

Sandbox | 2018

Sandbox's growth in 2017 was fueled by an influx of new - and distinct - business.

Scout Marketing | 2018

Scout Marketing was acquired by the Stagwell Group in 2017.

Sentrix Health | 2018

At Sentrix Health, 2017 was the year of the launch.

Silverlight Digital | 2018

Silverlight Digital was in the right place at the right time in 2017, landing work on a drug that, in 2018, became an in-demand product ...

Sound Healthcare Communications | 2018

Sound Healthcare Communications, founded just four years ago, doubled its revenue in 2017.

Squint Metrics | 2018

As healthcare marketers continue to beat the patient-centricity drum and trumpet the need for better customer engagement, technology-first shop Squint Metrics has found itself in ...

StoneArch | 2018

StoneArch's presdient Marcia Miller says that 2017 was a strong year for laying the foundation for what kind of company StoneArch will be moving forward.

Strikeforce Communications | 2018

As Strikeforce Communications marks its ten-year anniversary, founder and CEO Mike Rutstein says that he expects to focus more on what the agency can do ...

Sudler & Hennessey | 2018

Company-wide structural changes and a newly acquiring firm reinforced Sudler & Hennessey's legacy of smart and creative medical marketing in 2017.

Synapse | 2018

Synapse has been around since 2004 and grown steadily and consistently over the years, driving revenue past $30 million in 2017.

Syneos Health Communications PR Group | 2018

The four companies now known as Syneos Health Communications have always prided themselves on helping clients navigate choppy brand and PR waters.

TBWA/WorldHealth | 2018

To encapsulate TBWA\WorldHealth's 2017 in a few words, global president Robin Shapiro says that the agency "was all about disruption: embracing it, deploying it, living ...

The Access Group | 2018

The Access Group, with 20 years of experience in managed markets, finds itself in such an envious position.

The Bloc | 2018

After three years without revenue growth, The Bloc shook itself up in 2017.

The Kinetix Group | 2018

The Kinetix Group's managing director JP Strapp predicts a year of continued disruption in the industry and that the evolution of access to care will ...

Triple Threat Communications | 2018

Triple Threat Communications bills itself as something of an iconoclast in the staid agency world.

Vivo Agency | 2018

Vivo Agency prides itself on its ability to market companies themselves and the suite of solutions they provide, rather than just products.

W2O | 2018

W2O CEO and chairman Jim Weiss, who founded the agency in 2001, says that 2017 marked the agency's 16th straight year of double-digit growth.

Wunderman Health | 2018

Wunderman Health tweaked its approach in 2017 to get more personal by creating targeted communications for patients based not just on their disease state, but ...

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