March 2018 Issue of MMM

March 2018 Issue of MMM

Go Figure

Infographic | What Makes Patients Tick?

Now more than ever, patients aren't shy about sharing their wants and needs. Here, 8,000 patients from three generations in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and ...

Editor's Desk

Purdue's Point of No Return

Purdue's decision to pull OxyContin sales reps highlights what has been the biggest part of marketing budgets. Did we just see the tipping point?

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How healthbots can assist patients and HCPs

As HCPs continue to be stretched for time to diagnose and interact with patients, health bots could help reduce HCP workload and drive patient engagement.

Cost over sight? Spark's blindness cure has the industry talking

Spark has priced its cure for a rare form of blindness at $425,000 per eye. But rather than the science or the cost, pharma is ...

Amazon's ability to attract other employers makes its healthcare coalition very formidable, experts say

Details are vague, but the e-commerce giant indicated it's serious about getting into healthcare.

Has DTC in the oncology space kept up with science?

As oncology drugs save or extend the lives of many more patients than anyone could have imagined a few years ago, a new challenge has ...

Marketers Trend Report 2018: Relief after one year of Trump doesn't mitigate all concerns

The general sense: Nobody should get comfortable with the status quo

Xbox for Docs: Pharma backs AR games for use in physician learning

Pharma has backed a number of AR-based games for physician learning and marketing. They're meant to complement live learning, but mobile games may do a ...


Ortho CEO leads massive turnaround

When Ortho Clinical Diagnostics lived under the roof of Johnson & Johnson, it had the luxury of focusing on its product and service mix — ...

Upward Move

Jennifer Gottlieb named W2O Group president

She is overseeing three of the network's agencies in the newly created role.

Publicis Health names Alexandra von Plato as CEO

The network also appointed her predecessor, Nick Colucci, as COO of Publicis Communications North America, effective immediately.

Ashfield Healthcare names Doug Burcin president

Burcin, who joins from Klick Health, is the former Global CEO of Havas Health.

McCann Health hires first global medical director

Daniel Carucci is joining the Interpublic Group firm full-time after serving as a consultant and in roles with the U.N. Foundation and the U.S. Navy.

In Focus

Why pharma ads are on the bench during this year's Super Bowl

For some pharma brands, the price tag is just too high. For others, the platform isn't serious enough.

Beltway Insider

Communicating in the Aftermath of 'Repeal and Replace'

Today's effective communicators must be comfortable with change, learn how to anticipate it, and adapt messaging to key audiences.


Pharma CMO: Why We're Being Blinded by Our Brands

Recently, Forbes ran an article from Wild Pixel Media founder and CEO Carlos Machicao lamenting the fact that healthcare advertising is boring.

Private View

6 Campaigns Driving Better Behavior

More than ever, marketers and agencies have a powerful role in shaping public health, curbing harmful behaviors, and promoting good ones among at-risk communities and ...

At Work With

Why Greater Than One's Elizabeth Apelles stands firm on independence

The CEO of the independent healthcare agency discusses growing a business in digital in the early 2000s and the perks of remaining independent.

Back Talk

Can a nonprofit make generics great again?

Acquisitions that were applauded a few years ago, such as Teva's purchase of Allergan's generic business, now look like lemons.