Five things for pharma marketers to know: Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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1. Hillary Clinton called for $2 billion in federal spending to cure Alzheimer's disease. It's the first time a presidential candidate has made the degenerative brain disease a campaign issue. (USA Today)


2. A drug approval for a therapy that treats a rare disease may not benefit patients, who have been receiving experimental treatment for free in a compassionate use program developed by Jacobus Pharmaceutical. The new drug is being developed by Catalyst. A FDA approval will likely mean high prices. (NPR)

3. The FDA approved AstraZeneca's Zurampic, which is used to treat a condition associated with gout. The label comes with a warning about the risk of kidney failure in patients if the drug is used in higher-than-approved doses. (Reuters)

4. Turing Pharmaceuticals has cut jobs and is looking for a new leader after CEO Martin Shkreli resigned. Shkreli, who last week was arrested on securities charges stemming from his tenure at another drugmaker, is most known for his defense of Turing's decision to raise the price of an old drug by 5,000% earlier this year. (AP)

5. Sanofi submitted a marketing application to the FDA for a combination of insulin glargine with lixisenatide. The combo would be used as a single daily injection for adults with Type 2 diabetes. (Reuters)

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