Ireland's drugmakers resist price cuts

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Ireland's pharmaceutical industry will not quietly into that good night when it comes to regulating drug prices. It's raging against efforts by the country's ministry of health to realize savings by way of cheaper drug prices.

If not raging, at least the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) has been prompt in warning that members must be able to achieve fair and reasonable prices and returns on investment. The association has published a booklet arguing the case and suggesting savings can be realized through greater use of generic medicines, according to a story in the Irish Times.

In a country that has among the highest drug prices in the world, Minster of Health Leo Varadkar has cited cheaper drug prices as a priority for his office, identifying €130 million in potential savings.

IPHA counters it has already saved the health department millions stemming from a 2012 agreement that saw average price reductions of 30 percent.


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