People want drug industry oversight

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US adults want information on and oversight of the drug industry, according to a recent Harris Poll. Poll officials said 71% of adults surveyed believe it is very important or highly important that marketed drugs remain under close review by the FDA and drug companies. Only 9% of respondents said such review is only somewhat or not very important.

The researchers said many Americans are demonstrating consumerism by seeking information on drug safety, with 41% of those surveyed saying they always or often seek information on drug safety for themselves or family members.

Another 35% said they sometimes seek drug safety information, while only 24% said they rarely or never look for safety information.

There were age differences in the responses, with those who are older more likely to be concerned about drug safety.

“The public's desire for drug safety information and their belief that drugs should remain under continued review by FDA and drug companies indicates that Americans may have concerns regarding the full safety profile of all drugs,” the pollsters said. “These questions on safety may be negatively affecting their impressions of the industry…Ultimately, the findings continue to highlight the need for drug companies to build and maintain consumer confidence as a key component of their overall corporate reputation.”

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