MAHF Ceremony 2012

MAHF co-founder Ron Pantello with his wife Pat

A full house at The Pierre in New York enjoys remarks from 2012 inductee Al Nickel

Judy Capano, formerly of Rosetta, with Rich Campbell and Maureen Regan from RCW Group

Doug Burcin and Donna Murphy, global CEOs of Havas WorldwideHealth, with John Kamp, executive director, Coalition for Healthcare Communication

Matt Giegerich, chairman and CEO of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

MAHF chairperson Dave Chapman with the daughters of 2012 inductee, the late Charles Daly

Harold Corbran from Draftfcb Healthcare, Mike Myers of Palio, Steve Hamburg from Rosetta and MAHF Hall of Famer John Kallir

Scott Cotherman, CEO of CAHG and former MAHF chairman, with Kristen Gengaro, Paul Pfleiderer, Robin Shapiro and Enrique Heredia, all of CAHG

LLNS legend and 2012 inductee Al NIckel delivers a stirring induction speech

Brittany Thompson and Doreen Gates of MM&M with Tammy Chernin of Haymarket Medical

Future Famer Christopher Schnurman of Health4Brands with MAHF chairperson Dave Chapman (Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide) and executive committee members Sharon Callahan (LLNS) and Charlene Prounis (Flashpoint Medica)

Kathryn Ann Smith and Rebecca Sela Smith deliver an acceptance speech on behalf of their father, the late Ernie Smith

Ken Begasse of Concentric with Yaron Landow from Flashpoint Medica

MAHF executive director and co-founder David Gideon welcomes guests
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Photos from the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame Awards ceremony