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Kristin Cahill
Global CEO
Sherry Goldberg
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Kath Kerry
President, Europe & Middle East
Senior Management
Kristin Cahill Global CEO
Sherry Goldberg President, North America
Kath Kerry President, Europe & Middle East
Rikki Jones President, Asia-Pacific
Eleanor Petigrow Global Chief Growth Officer
David Chadwick Chief Content Officer
Dawn Christian EVP, Head of IED and Cultural Marketing
Trey Watkins EVP, Global Health and Corporate Responsibility
Matt Graffeo EVP, Global Head of Digital
Becky Lauer EVP, Global Head of Media
Ryan Kuresman EVP, Public Affairs and Policy
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The Content Collaborative™: Combining our digital, design, editorial and creative teams under a single umbrella to develop highly resonant stories that transcend channels. In less than a year, this offering doubled in size, winning content- and creative-specific RFPs that would normally have gone to advertising agencies, and expanding work with existing clients. Global Health, Advocacy and Policy Trifecta: Achieving long-term social impact that addresses societal injustices and disparities requires an integrated approach to communications. The Global Health, Advocacy and Policy Trifecta puts global health agendas and grassroots advocacy at the center of policy efforts to drive change. In 2021, we significantly expanded our work in this area supporting several major pharmaceutical companies with their ESG initiatives. Healthy Tensions: We introduced a novel framework for getting to breakthrough insights called Healthy Tensions. Healthy Tensions provides a strategic, analytics-based model for revealing insights about the emotions of our target audience, which informs the engagement strategy for how brands and companies connect authentically with people. Revolutionize Realistically: In healthcare, legal and regulatory constraints are often seen as insurmountable barriers to innovative, breakthrough creative work. In response, we developed Revolutionize Realistically, a proprietary approach to creative ideation that vaults us past the tried and true (and boring), while keeping well within the parameters of what's possible. As creative thinkers and makers, we Revolutionize by thinking boldly and without boundaries. As experts focused on health and wellness, we Realistically shape our ideas, helping our clients to successfully navigate the regulatory, legal and stakeholder nuances of the sector.
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