Agency Marketer of the Year: 2015

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Leerom Segal, CEO, Klick 

Duly impressed by Leerom Segal's outstanding career achievements, judges awarded him the top prize in this category for the second year running. 

A born entrepreneur and visionary, Segal's accomplishments are indeed impressive. He founded his first company at age 12; served as MotionWorks Group's CTO at age 16; and co-founded Klick in 1997 at age 17. 

He's been instrumental in Klick's phenomenal success, helping grow it into $100 million+ independent enterprise that employs more than 450. The agency reportedly grew by nearly 40% last year and won 129 awards.

Recent accomplishments include development and launch of MUSE, truly innovative industry events described as “a modern-day salon designed to inspire the Who's Who in health and help connect more dots in healthcare.” Events in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston were packed and well received. 

“I'm very impressed with Klick's growth and Leerom's innovation in starting MUSE,” said one judge. 

Segal sits on many boards, including the Google Health Advisory Board, and is committed to philanthropy. He's also a highly sought speaker. In the last year alone his speaking schedule included TEDGlobal, the Cannes Lions Health Creativity Festival, Harvard University and Google. He also discussed ideologies profiled in his bestselling book The Decoded Company at Twitter's world headquarters. 


Matt Giegerich, chairman and CEO, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide 

All manner of colleagues sang the praises of Matt Giegerich (in 14 recommendations totaling nearly 3,600 words). All consider him as exceptional leader, visionary, innovator and trusted advisor. 

“Matt's contributions via the Coalition for Healthcare Communication are extraordinary,” said one judge. “Further, his leadership through the CommonHealth/Ogilvy & Mather merger was exemplary.” 

■ Wendy Blackburn, Intouch Solutions 
■ Matt Giegerich, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide
■ Matt McNally, Publicis Health Media 
■ Frank X. Powers, Dudnyk 
■ Leerom Segal, Klick

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