Best Agency Self-Promotion: 2015

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The Speak People Experiment
Agency: GSW 

To illustrate its belief that consumer audiences prefer to be communicated with like real people, GSW set up hidden cameras in a flower shop and in a coffee shop and captured reactions of unsuspecting customers when the shop clerks spoke to them as if they were promoting prescription products. 

For example, the flower shop clerk tells customers: “When it comes to people who are struggling with not having flowers, having flowers may be able to help. In independent studies flowers have been shown to treat sadness, rejection, loss, birthdays, weddings, missed anniversaries. The majority of subjects who have been treated with flowers show increased feelings of happiness and forgiveness.” 

Customer responses range from bewilderment to disinterest to outright anger. One customer, who had been polite, finally blurts out, “What the hell are you talking about?” after she's told to “Talk to her florist.” It's truly brilliant and hilarious. 

“An elegant, powerful campaign on behalf of greater messaging sanity in healthcare advertising,” one judge said. 

“So much fun!” a second judge exclaimed. “A great exposé on what we do when we do it wrong and what we do when we do it right, which is this work.”  

Results included a 350.9% jump in Facebook engagement. 

Agency: The CementBloc  

With Judges loved the book motif (the “little bloc book”) that The CementBloc created to highlight its key strength of creative engagement across multiple stakeholders. 

“Fantastic use of their incredible creative prowess,” one judge said. 

“A stand-out amongst a sea of competitors,” said another judge. “It clearly communicates culture and areas of expertise.”

■ Area 23 for What If
■ CDMiConnect for Patients First Report
■ The CementBloc for
■ GSW for The Speak People Experiment
■ Guidemark Health for Infinitely In

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