Best App for HCPs: 2014

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Best App for HCPs: 2014
Best App for HCPs: 2014

MSLGROUP and Epocrates, an athenahealth service
Epocrates Bugs + Drugs

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or “superbugs,” are a growing concern as they are becoming increasingly impervious to typical ­antibiotics. According to the CDC, more than two million patients suffer from antibiotic-resistant infections annually and 23,000 of those patients die.

The Epocrates Bugs + Drugs free app provides physicians with geolocated bacterial resistance data to support point-of-care decisions about treating bacterial infections. It's the first tool that helps clinicians who practice outside of hospitals access resistance data so they can make appropriate prescribing decisions that can affect future antibiotic- resistance patterns for entire populations.

“This app should stand as a required tool for modern treatment,” said one judge.

“A huge unmet need is filled by this well-thought-out app,” a second judge said.

Additional judges praised the innovative app's use of geo-location, existing data and big data as well as its “cool user interface.”

Designed for Apple's iOS7, the app aggregates de-identified lab results from athenahealth's EHR database of 15 million patients into a big data map of resistance patterns searchable by zip code.

A PR and marketing campaign supported the app launch. Within the first month, the app had gotten more than 100,000 downloads and had been accessed upwards of 300,000 times, and averaged about 4,000 uses a day.

Infuse Medical and Medtronic
Medtronic Spine CATALYST Procedural Simulation Library

Judges praised the insight and innovation behind this app, which serves as a library of surgical simulations and enables users to virtually perform specific spinal surgeries with Medtronic's products and technology.

A nice catalog app for a very deep portfolio,” said one judge. “An interesting UX that keeps it fresh with overlays.”


• AbelsonTaylor and AbbVie for Kaletra Patient Journey App

• Harrison and Star and Genentech for Genentech Oncology Pipeline App for iPad

• Infuse Media and Medtronic for Medtronic Spine CATALYST Procedural Simulation Library

• Liberate Ideas, Inc. and Liberate Health for Liberate Health

• MSLGROUP and Epocrates, an athenahealth service, for Epocrates Bugs + Drugs

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