Best Branded Website for Consumers: 2014

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Best Branded Website for Consumers: 2014
Best Branded Website for Consumers: 2014

FCB Health and Gilenya
HEY MS, Take This!

Launched in September 2010, Gilenya was the first prescription oral multiple sclerosis (MS) therapy indicated for relapsing forms of MS. After new oral therapies launched in early 2013, Novartis and FCB Health launched the bold “HEY MS, Take This!” DTC campaign with as the hub.

Research revealed patients have an independent and courageous attitude, and the essence of that attitude is imbued in all campaign elements.

“A refreshing, unique campaign tone,” one judge commented. “This team should be commended for breaking the mold.” The site amplifies and unites patient voices through elements such as patients' own “HEY MS, Take This!” statements and videos of real patients who are taking Gilenya.

An agency representative explained that because the target audience spends a lot of time on social media channels, it was important to engage on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and to provide a social experience on the site.

“The site is unique, engaging and inviting,” a second judge said. “This campaign moved social integration into pharma and clearly positioned the product using customer beliefs and attitudes.”

The agency reported ­“incredible incremental lifts across all KPIs.” Specifics included an 82% increase in patients who perceive Gilenya to be recommended by MS patients and 510 unique patient statements.

Intouch Solutions and Given Imaging, Ltd.

PillCam SB is a capsule-size diagnostic camera used for Crohn's disease patients. simulates the device's journey through the body and provides robust educational materials.

“Letting the product speak for itself is compelling,” one judge said.

Results included a 761.6% traffic increase in one month.


• FCB Health and Gilenya for HEY MS, Take This!

• GSW and Biogen Idec for Tecfidera Website

• Havas Lynx and Actavis for

• Intouch Solutions and Given Imaging, Ltd. for

• LDR Spine for

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