BOTN Category 13

CDMiConnect and Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics “Faces of Celiac” Newspaper Ad

Given there are a reported 3 million undiagnosed people currently living with celiac disease, this campaign targeted consumers who have been unable to identify the cause of unexplained, chronic symptoms.

The challenge was to reach this broad audience with a wide variety of symptoms that could be caused by celiac disease and point out that Quest Diagnostics provides a simple blood test that can rule it in or out.

Creative use of emoticons that personify the various symptoms of celiac disease grabs consumers’ attention and helps them self-identify with one or more symptoms. The problem and solution are clearly explained in the line: “One symptom doesn’t define celiac disease. But one test can.”

Calls to action drive audiences to visit, take a symptom survey and asked their doctor for Quest Diagnostics’s blood test.

“High scores for creativity,” said one judge.

The agency reported great results from just two markets, including a 10% sales spike after three weeks in one market versus the overall national market. The campaign also drove 23,000 website visits from two cities in less than two months and a 24% completion rate for the symptom survey.

H4B Chelsea and Alcon
Bedtime Stories

This campaign drives awareness that Alcon makes contact lenses that are safe to sleep in through images of adults ­sleeping in a variety of funny outfits and the tagline: “What you wear to bed is your ­business.”

Judges found the approach engaging, original, creative, fun and well-aligned with the brand strategy.


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