Best Corporate Marketing Campaign: 2015

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Merck Animal Health Perpetual Innovation 
Agency: ICC, an FCB Health Company  
Client: Merck Animal Health 

Judges lavished praise on this campaign, which uses a series of brilliant and original visuals that highlight Merck Animal Health's significant contributions to animal health through leading-edge science.  

“The only truly breakthrough campaign in a category of sameness,” one judge said. “Brilliant execution of a well-conceived strategy.” 

“Beautiful, intelligent art direction,” a second judge noted. “Subtle and smart—it rewards you when you see the genius.” 

An ICC representative noted that “ ‘-Perpetual Innovation' uniquely conveys Merck's ability to advance a constant stream of novel solutions while literally placing ‘pet' at its core.”

Examples of the campaign's truly exceptional visuals include an opening shot in a great video of the word perpetual and a cat spinning the letters p, e and t, which shifts them to bold font. Cats and dogs are used in similarly striking and delightful ways to transition copy throughout the piece. 

A series of beakers, which symbolize scientific research and discovery, arranged to look like the outlines of cats and dogs, are employed throughout the campaign. 

The campaign was well received when it launched at this year's North American Veterinary Community conference, where tactics included interactive booth stations and a Merck-sponsored concert. Subsequently, it was rolled out through sales efforts, other meetings and nonpersonal channels.

Sigma-Aldrich FUEL Campaign 
Agency: 2e Creative 
Client: Sigma-Aldrich 

The acronym “FUEL” encapsulates messaging pillars that articulate the corporate evolution of life science and high tech company Sigma-Aldrich. 

Aimed at 10,000 employees worldwide, the campaign emphasizes how individual employees drive company success.

Judges felt the campaign was smart and delivered great results, including 12,000+ website page views in one month.  

■ 2e Creative and Amerinet for What's Your Amerinet?
■ 2e Creative and Sigma-­Aldrich for Sigma-Aldrich FUEL Campaign
■ ICC, an FCB Health Company, and Merck Animal Health for Merck Animal Health Perpetual Innova­tion
■ The Mx Group and Catamaran for PBM 20/20: The Future of Healthcare
■ PulseCX and Emergent Biosolutions for A different kind of experience

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