Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand: 2014

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Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand: 2014
Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand: 2014

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WebMD and Medscape

Medscape delivers customizable clinical news, health information, point-of-care tools and medical education to HCPs worldwide.

Physician sessions on the site averaged about 5.8 million during the first quarter of 2014. Annually, a substantial majority of physicians practicing in the US—about 625,000 registered US physicians—are active on Medscape, and about 1.3 million physicians from outside the US are active.

“As the clear leader in this field, it is hard for others to compete,” noted one judge.

Several judges praised the depth and breadth of Medscape's offering, which includes original review articles; patient education articles; book reviews; coverage of major medical conferences; special reports; and business, financial, managed care, and medical practice information. Users can access more than 125 medical journals and textbooks, and they get free weekly specialty-focused newsletters.

Multiple judges were impressed by the combination of Medscape's multi-channel strength, its dominant performance and its recent upgrades, including the redesign of Medscape Today last August.

Brand representatives said that some of the main featuers of the redesign include easy-to-access sections that map to trending topics within healthcare for more than 33 specialties.

In September 2013, and Medscape Cardiology merged to give cardiologists seamless access to reference and education content.

“The redesign is clean and a significant improvement,” a second judge said about the site. “There have also been some very nice content enhancements.”

Everyday Health
MedPage Today

MedPage Today reaches more than 300,000 validated prescribers (up 50% since January 2013). It has 750,000 registered users and gets 1.4 million monthly unique visitors.

The brand has expanded its editorial team and its partner relationships.

Judges praised content improvements and the brand's impressive growth.


• Everyday Health for MedPage Today

• HMP Communications for ­Consultant–Primary Care Journal

• M3 USA Corporation for The ­Smartest Doc from MDLinx

• WebMD and Medscape for ­Medscape, The Latest Medical News and Expert Perspectives

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