Best Multichannel Campaign (Large Budget): 2015

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Nexgard for Dogs  
Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness  
Client: Merial: Nexgard 

Judges loved this campaign. One judge described it as “smart, fun and personal.” Another judge simply noted: “I wish I had done it.” 

All judges were impressed by the outstanding results, which included $140 million in US sales for Nexgard ending 2014 (the goal for the entire first year was $70 million). 

Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness reported that based on sales, market share and demand, the Nexgard launch was the most successful animal-health product launch in the US ever.

Nexgard is unique because it's the first soft beef-flavored chew that kills fleas and ticks. Competing products, which are either drops applied to a dog's back or flavorless pills, aren't fun to administer. 

The core idea behind the Nexgard for Dogs campaign was to demonstrate that Nexgard is a treat for dogs to get and for their owners to administer. The creative includes showing dogs sniffing out the product on TV, begging for it in print and banners and licking it off the screen of the website. 

“Our strategy was to turn a difficult task into a pleasurable one, reinforcing the positive feelings you get from being a pet owner,” explained an agency representative. “[The campaign] turned the category upside down by demonstrating the ‘pleasure of the application.' ” 

A Greater Digital Ecosystem  
Agency: Wunderman Health  
Client: GSK Consumer Healthcare 

The approach for Flonase's OTC launch was to provide content for people with allergies and not for allergy sufferers—a distinction that Wunderman Health noted is subtle but important.

Judges praised the content and interconnectivity. 

Results included 11+ market share; 3 million owned channel visits (in two months); and 2 million video views. 

■ BBDO and Pfizer for The Woman
■ FCB Health and ­Actavis/ Ironwood for Line Drawings
■ Hill Holliday and Janssen Pharmaceuticals for Invokana—Love Your Numbers
■ Saatchi and Saatchi Well­ness and Merial: Nexgard for Nexgard for Dogs
■ Wunderman Health and GSK Consumer Healthcare North America for A Greater Digital Ecosystem

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