Best Multichannel Campaign (Mid-size Budget): 2015

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AMPYRA: The Moment of Truth Campaign 
Agency: JUICE Pharma Worldwide 
Client: Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. 

Launched in 2010, Acorda's flagship product, Ampyra, helps improve MS patients' ability to walk. 

As the brand was maturing and new therapies were being heavily promoted, the “Moment of Truth” campaign launched to reach younger patients, who don't often talk about walking difficulty or don't want to face it. The creative highlights moments when patients can no longer ignore the impact of MS-related walking difficulty—as in trying to keep up with a child. 

“The emotional narrative took the audience from an often-abstract, denied problem to a potential solution,” an agency rep explained. “Bringing emotion into a problem/action story flow motivated patients . . . and established the importance of improving walking. Testimonial-style headlines dramatized moments they realized they can do something about walking by asking for Ampyra.” 

Execution spans traditional print ads, educational events, brochures, search ads and a redesigned website that includes short videos. 

“Good integration among channels and solid results,” one judge said. 

Results included increases in CRM enrollment (up 88%), website traffic (up 34% YOY), doctor discussion guide downloads (up 57%) and free trials (up 37%).  

The agency also reported that “the launch of the new campaign and messaging has increased the overall media performance across all channels by 41%.”

Closer Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign 
Agency: FCB Health, The Axis Agency  
Client: AbbVie 

A personalized approach was used to educate hepatitis-C patients, with the aim of helping them get over the stigma surrounding the disease inaction and take action. 

Execution included in-office collateral, direct-response TV, a website and a Facebook page that garnered nearly 200,000 likes in five months. 

■ FCB Health, The Axis Agency and AbbVie for Closer Hepatitis C Awareness Campaign
■ JUICE Pharma Worldwide and Acorda Therapeutics for Ampyra: The Moment of Truth
■ Maricich Healthcare Communication and Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare for Healthy Driven
■ PALIO and Celgene for The Billboard Campaign
■ WebMD and Eli Lilly for Forteo/multichannel 

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