Best Multichannel Campaign (Small Budget): 2015

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Free Killer Tan
Agency: Area 23  
Client: Mollie's Fund

On behalf of the nonprofit Mollie's Fund, which provides melanoma education and support, Area 23 devised the fantastically impactful “Free Killer Tan” campaign on a $3,000 budget.

A multichannel approach was key to reaching the target audience of young women. 

“We needed to directly confront young women with the deadly consequences of tanning and appeal to them on a deeply personal and emotional level,” an agency representative said. “And we needed to go online where the message could come from friends and be shared within social and family circles.”

The campaign's primary element was a video of the reactions of people who thought they were getting a free indoor tanning session but instead entered a mortuary-like room with a tanning bed casket, an RIP sign with their photo on it and mourners in pews.  

“Nice use of ‘surprise' PR,” one judge said.

The video was circulated on Facebook, YouTube and Website visitors could easily share “free killer tan” coupons that routed recipients back to the site. Twitter outreach focused on sororities and fraternities. Messaging was also driven through a PSA, print ads and outdoor media. 

Results included 120 million+ media impressions and 2 million video views. 

“Great idea, and great execution,” noted a second judge. 

NTM Isn't Waiting 
Agency: Area 23 
Client: Insmed 

A 3-D animation of termite-ridden wooden lungs helped give pulmonologists a sense of extreme urgency to treat NTM, an orphan respiratory disease that most often afflicts patients with existing lung damage.

The concept was beautifully executed across a range of offline and online channels. 

“Original and powerful visual impact,” one judge said.

■ Area 23 and Mollie's Fund for Free Killer Tan
■ Area 23 and Insmed for NTM Isn't Waiting
■ Digitas Health LifeBrands and Shire/Vyvanse for keep momming
■ Epsilon and GlaxoSmithKline for What's Your Why?
■ Neon and Novartis Pharmaceuticals for PsO Much More/The Patient Listening Project

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