Best Professional Print Campaign: 2014

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Best Professional Print Campaign: 2014
Best Professional Print Campaign: 2014

GSW and Amgen
The Eye of the Storm in ­Psoriasis

This campaign uses the stunning image of a brightly colored storm system that looks like an enormous tattoo on a woman's back and arms to convey the role of the IL-17 receptor and cytokines in the pathogenesis of plaque psoriasis. The clear, simple headline reads: “Confronting the Storm.”

One judge called the graphic concept “simple and powerful.” A second judge was impressed by the boldness of the graphic image and the simplicity of the idea.

“This ad is a good combination of creative and information design,” noted a third judge.

An agency representative explained that the choices for treating psoriasis have historically been limited, and that recent biologic treatments have provided increasing specificity of targets. Thus, this campaign's objective was to provide simplified education to dermatologists and other healthcare professionals about the important role the IL-17 receptor and cytokines play in disrupting the cascade of inflammation underlying psoriasis.

“For dermatologists looking to thwart the storm of psoriasis inflammation, it only makes sense to understand the IL-17 pathway at the center of it all,” the agency representative said of the creative strategy.

The campaign was presented at the annual convention of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in March 2014. Materials included booth panels and a brochure.

H4B Chelsea and Pfizer
Too Big to Handle

The play on perspective in the images used in this campaign instantly communicates that everyday tasks are overwhelming for major depressive disorder (MDD) patients while also helping HCPs recognize the appropriate type of patient for Pfizer's Pristiq.

“The brilliant visual device tells the story in an impactful way,” one judge said.


• Area 23 and BD Diagnostics for Real Difference

• Calcium and Lundbeck for Xenazine® (tetrabenazine)

• GSW and Amgen for The Eye of the Storm in Psoriasis

• GSW and Salix for Relistor Print Campaign

• H4B Chelsea and Pfizer for Too Big to Handle

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