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Soolantra: Introducing a Tough Topical Sales Aid
Agency: McCann Echo 
Client: Galderma

This aid features a problem-focused opening animated video and emphasizes data. A wealth of information, including images of real patients and rotating cubes that show charts and graphs, is easily accessible with a tap or swipe. Judges felt it was exceptionally well executed. 

“Excellent graphics—very easy to use,” said one judge. 

“The creative is outstanding,” a second judge commented. “I love the animation.” 

Overall, the aid is simple and impactful. It’s a nice compliment to the “Tough Topical” creative campaign, which brilliantly illustrates the efficacy of Galderma’s new rosacea treatment Soolantra by personifying it as a superhero type that can easily overpower the rosacea lesions it treats. 

A third judge noted the team did outstanding job of pulling the creative campaign through to the sales aid.  

On a $120,000 budget, the aid contributed to a 6.2% share of the overall topical rosacea market (9.7% share in the dermatology segment) after just eight weeks in the US market. 

Other results at the time of submission for awards consideration included 60% brand awareness among physicians who participated in a post-launch survey; an average of 5,000 prescriptions weekly; and above forecast revenue. The agency also reported “extremely positive” feedback from doctors about the campaign overall.

Faster Healing with Regranex Sales Aid 
Agency: AbelsonTaylor 
Client: Smith & Nephew 

This team used the image of a zipper closing a wound across personal and nonpersonal channels to drive awareness that Regranex Gel helps heal diabetic neuropathic ulcers faster than competing products. 

“Highly creative with clear brand messaging,” said one judge.  

“High production value—the print technique still proves effective,” another judge said.  

■ AbelsonTaylor and Smith & Nephew for Faster Healing with Regranex
■ Concentric Health Experience and Sunovion for Brovana Second Wind
■ FCB Health Toronto and Janssen Canada for Invokana Veeva sales aid
■ McCann Echo and Galderma for Soolantra: Introducing a Tough Topical
■ Radius Digital Science, Bayer Healthcare and Onyx Pharmaceuticals for Nexavar Interactive Case Profile App