Best Single Professional Print Ad: 2014

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Best Single Professional Print Ad: 2014
Best Single Professional Print Ad: 2014

Dudnyk and Nicox ­Ophthalmic Diagnostics
Drying Sunflowers (Sjögren's Disease State)

This campaign aimed to raise awareness about Sjögren's syndrome and establish its link with dry-eye symptoms, which is often a first indicator of the disease.

The creative shows a sunflower that resembles an eye. The image is repeated, with the flower progressively withering through various stages of dryness. Copy reads: “Today she presents with dry eye symptoms. What will she look like by the time she is diagnosed?”

“Showing the flower curled over also captures the emotion of a patient who doesn't know why he or she is experiencing these symptoms,” an agency representative explained.

Campaign materials included journal ads, a microsite, convention materials, direct mail and eblasts that focused on real patient stories and case studies.

Nicox established a partnership with Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation to help decrease the time it takes for patients to get an accurate diagnosis and lend credibility to the effort.

Dudnyk reported the eblasts spiked website visits by about 150% and that a partnership with Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation motivated eye care professionals to sign up for emails through and visit the foundation's website.

Area 23 and AbbVie
Master of Elusion

This ad for AbbVie's new Hepatitis C therapy shows a colorful virus lurking in an all-white room with the headline “Master of Elusion.”

Judges applauded the team for quickly and clearly illustrating how the virus eludes the immune system.

“Nice turn of phrase and stunning image,” one judge noted.


• Area 23 and AbbVie for Master of Elusion

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• Dudnyk and Nicox Ophthalmic Diagnostics Sjögren's Sunflowers Campaign

• ICC Lowe and Celldex Therapeutics for Celldex-Hidden Danger

• The Navicor Group, LLC and OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for OncoGenex Have You Met Resistance? ASCO Ad

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