BOTN Best TV Advertising Campaign.pdf

Agency: Y&R  
Client: Pfizer 

This spot highlights the point that it only takes one simple step to help prevent pneumococcal pneumonia—vaccination with Pfizer’s Prevnar 13. 

The spot shows adults ages 50 and older in a variety of scenarios, including doing one push-up. Voice-over poses one question for each scene, such as “What if one push-up could prevent heart disease?” 

Judges were impressed by the concept.  

“Strong strategy—the ‘one’ idea is great,” one judge said. 

“A good, holistic connection between choices and well-being,” said a second judge. 

The challenge was to get the target audience to overcome apathy toward pneumococcal pneumonia and take steps to prevent it.

“Not only did we need to shift the mind-set and behavior of our audience, but we needed them to ask for it by name,” a Y&R representative noted. “Prevnar 13 was entering a market with an already-established vaccine that doctors were accustomed to administering.” 

As a result of the overall multichannel campaign, brand awareness jumped from 1% to 35% in 12 weeks; 38% of consumers said they took action as a result of the campaign. Within three months adult pneumococcal vaccinations increased by about 20% of the market (which had been flat for more than a decade).

The LAP-BAND System: It Fits Campaign 
Agency: W2O Group: tWist Marketing 
Client: Apollo Endosurgery 

Part of the multichannel It Fits campaign for Lap-Band, this spot shows “fitting into” scenarios, including a woman zipping up a dress, a man buckling an airplane seatbelt and a child wrapping her arms around a woman’s waist. 

Judges liked the strategy. “Fitting back into life [is] an elegant benefit,” one judge noted. 

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