Best Use of Social Media: 2015

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#worthliving campaign
Agency: McCann Torre Lazur 
Client: McCann Torre Lazur 

On World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10, 2014) McCann Torre Lazur launched #worthliving on Twitter and worthliving .today to promote suicide prevention. Anyone—and everyone—was invited to use the hashtag to share images, videos or words that represent the beauty and meaning of life. 

Three hours postlaunch, #worthliving appeared on Today. It went viral and garnered 18 million media impressions—all on a $5,000 budget. 

“A very small budget drove huge and important results in getting the word out about support for suicide prevention,” one judge said. “Extraordinarily compelling.” 

Another judge praised the campaign as “real” and applauded it for making a taboo topic watchable.  

“Cost efficient but high-ly effective—organic and viral at its best,” noted a third judge. 

The agency reported that nearly 1  million people commit suicide annually yet suicide is rarely discussed. Campaign objectives included breaking down stigma and silence around mental health disorders and suicide. 

“Connectedness is crucial to individuals who may be vulnerable to suicide,” an agency representative explained. “Reaching out and offering support and friendship to those who have become disconnected may be lifesaving. #worthliving was designed to create a global network of support for those considering suicide, those who have attempted suicide and the friends and families of victims.”

Free Killer Tan
Agency: Area 23 
Client: Mollie's Fund 

Footage of people who expected a free indoor tan but instead attended their own mock funerals drove 2 million views on YouTube and Facebook (combined) and a 3% social-sharing conversion rate. 

“Honest, authentic and in line with the way people use and view media and social,” one judge noted.

■ Area 23 and Mollie's Fund for Free Killer Tan
■ Digitas Health Life Brands and EMD Serono and Pfizer for Strength in Numbers
■ DigitasLBI and Astra-Zeneca for Take It From a Fish
■ IMRE and AstraZeneca for Connecting to Patients Through a Branded Social Community
■ McCann Torre Lazur for #worthliving

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