Best Use of Social Media of 2016

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Digitas Health LifeBrands and the Bubble Foundation

Wear Yellow for Seth

In England, the Bubble Foundation helps save the lives of children who have severe combined immuno­deficiency, a rare genetic disorder sometimes called “Bubble Boy” disease.

Seth Lane is one such child. After his first bone marrow transplant failed, his parents wanted to get him some extra support for a second transplant.

On a pro bono basis, Digitas Health LifeBrands used Snapchat and Twitter to drive Seth's story while boosting his morale and the foundation's profile.

Seth's parents made a video of him asking that people wear yellow on the day of his second transplant. DHLB got Seth's story on Snapchat Stories. It was the first time a cause was featured, and it reached 26 million users.

A foundation patron with 1.6 million Twitter followers then prompted social sharing. A microsite housed the 250,000 photos and videos sent in support of Seth.

“This was truly community building and a wonderfully integrated campaign,” one judge said.

Other judges described it as near perfect, powerful, and inspiring.

The effort also garnered 188 million impressions for #wearyellowforseth, widespread media coverage, and 4,573 Twitter followers for the Bubble Foundation at press time.

Seth's transplant was a success; he began going to school in late 2015.



Crowdsourced Clinical Trial Advocacy and Recruiting

CureClick empowers ambassadors from various patient communities to drive clinical trial awareness by sharing pre-approved content.

Results since late 2014 include 60 million-plus social impressions and recruitment for more than 20 trials.

Judges called it a truly unique, brilliant, well-executed, game-changing product idea designed to address the fundamental industry challenge of trial recruitment.


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