Galderma and Sector 5 Digital

Galderma Interactive Anatomy (GIA) VR

To help injector trainees retain more of their education about facial anatomy, Galderma wanted to move beyond its investment in cadaver and lab instruction. It created a VR experience introducing them to a character named Gia.

Gia takes trainees on a roller coaster, shrinks them down to an inch high and then obligingly falls asleep. That allows them to explore the layers of skin, muscles and ligaments, peeling them back to reveal the anatomical landmarks for applying Galderma products. Working in VR rather than on cadavers, our judges say, is “immersive tech applied for the right reason.”

Using the HTC Vive Cosmos headset and a motion-based platform, the experience is memorable. And by combining leading-edge technology with new adult learning principles, it gives trainees a new level of understanding and a closer look at how they can generate the safest and most natural outcomes for their own patients.