Steven Michaelson

Steven Michaelson is a highly creative, dynamic and decisive leader who has built two powerhouse agencies — Wishbone and Calcium. Key to the success of both agencies is his commitment to providing clients with big agency firepower without big agency bureaucracy. Others have touted the idea, but few have delivered on it to the degree Michaelson’s agencies have.

He founded Calcium NYC in 2012 with his former Wishbone partners. Together, much as they did with Wishbone, the partners set about providing high-level expertise in creative, nimble, and effective ways. The agency continues to grow with clients such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, United Therapeutics, and Genentech.

Last year alone, revenue was up 50% to $22.5 million.

Michaelson knows his employees are the agency’s greatest asset. He credits them with Calcium’s success, and he’s committed to their professional and personal growth.

When Wishbone launched in 1998, it was a project shop of executive-level talent who delivered clients exceptional work. Word spread quickly, and Michaelson guided the agency through exponential growth and some tough setbacks. In 2009, Rosetta acquired Wishbone.

Last year, Calcium eclipsed Wishbone in terms of both revenue and staff size. The agency’s success is particularly impressive given the extraordinary challenge of the unexpected collapse of the Star Group, which had acquired Calcium in 2014 and then merged it with two other shops.

Undaunted, Michaelson and partner Judy Capano bought Calcium back in December 2015. The agency has grown exponentially again under Michaleson’s leadership.


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