Klick Health  

The Klick Health Rebrand

While Klick Health has been growing rapidly, its brand identity no longer reflected its purpose or its people-centric culture. It wanted a logo and brand assets that conveyed its high-energy and friendly personality — not just for potential clients and recruiting, but for the upbeat Klicksters already on the team.

The main objective was to expand the way others think of Klick without taking away from its reputation as a digital and innovation powerhouse. It wanted to use the new branding to showcase creativity and its playful nature while maintaining its digital roots.

Founded 23 years ago, Klick has sometimes jokingly referred to itself as “the island of misfit toys.” Research for this effort, which included surveys and in-depth interviews, revealed that “oddball” difference as the key insight. Its audience, it realized, was quite wary of agency claims. They are hungry for something different, leading to its new positioning: “There’s something different here.”

It transformed its logo, with the exclamation mark from the old version becoming an inverted “I,” and it stacks the letters in its name in a playful way. The new Klick blue highlights its energy as a critical component of the design ethos. 

The brand video focuses on the reasons behind Klick’s growth, points of difference and multiple Best Workplace awards. And it’s working splendidly: Website traffic more than doubled, rising to 45,000, with 85% of the views coming from new visitors. The average time spent on the site increased 21%, while bounce rates fell. Even better? The number of job applicants climbed 60%.