Regeneron and Intouch Solutions

A Beautiful Pair

Eylea is a medication for certain retinal diseases, including neovascular age-related macular degeneration, or wet AMD. The onset of these diseases is daunting for patients and their families, worried about missing out on life’s moments and potentially losing their independence. Many are afraid of what could come next. 

The challenge was finding ways to motivate patients to take back control of their vision. A Beautiful Pair began with robust research on what it’s like to struggle with these conditions. The strategic planning was based on ethnographies, message testing and both qualitative and quantitative research in cross-channel assessments.

The primary objective was to motivate patients to take an active role in their fight against retinal disease. Fear is a powerful emotion. But love is even stronger. By focusing on the latter, Regeneron decided to inspire people frightened by their disease to stand up and do more, fighting to protect their vision.

That meant every component had to be visually appealing. Everything in the Beautiful Pair campaign is 100% handcrafted, brought to life through stop-motion animation. Each setting, character and item was built from scratch, pursuing activities research had shown to be especially enjoyable to the target audience. Important details such as color combinations were designed to accommodate those with retinal disease. 

The complete website redesign included Lea, a virtual personality chatbot who offers 24/7 guidance, and it led to a 565% increase in website visits year over year, as well as an 84% increase in website downloads.